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Frequently Asked Questions
Luminous Cleaning & Fumigation Services

 Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about our cleaning services:

Luminous Cleaning & Fumigation Services offer a range of services, including general cleaning tasks such as dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and bathroom cleaning. They may also offer additional services like window cleaning, carpet cleaning, deep cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and specialized cleaning for specific areas or items.

The frequency of professional cleaning services depends on your specific needs and preferences. Some people opt for weekly or bi-weekly cleanings, while others prefer monthly or occasional deep cleanings. Factors such as the size of your home, the number of occupants, and the level of cleanliness you desire will influence how often you should schedule a cleaning service.

Yes, Luminous Cleaning & Fumigation Services bring their own cleaning products and equipment. They are usually equipped with professional-grade cleaners, tools, and supplies needed to complete the job. However, if you have specific preferences or concerns about certain products being used, it’s best to communicate that with the cleaning company in advance.

Yes, you can usually request specific tasks or areas to be cleaned. We are generally flexible and willing to accommodate your specific cleaning needs. Whether it’s focusing on certain rooms, paying extra attention to particular areas, or excluding specific tasks, you can communicate your preferences to us, and we will strive to meet your requirements.

It’s not necessary for you to be present during the cleaning service, but it’s entirely up to your personal preference. Many people choose to provide access to their home or office while they are away, allowing the cleaning professionals to work without interruption. If you’re comfortable with it, you can provide instructions and access instructions to the cleaning company in advance.

If you’re not satisfied with the cleaning service, it’s best to contact us as soon as possible to address your concerns. We will strive to resolve any issues and may offer to re-clean the areas that didn’t meet your expectations. Clear communication with us about your specific requirements and expectations before the service can help prevent dissatisfaction.

The cost of a cleaning service depends on various factors, such as the size of your space, the level of cleaning required, the frequency of service, and your location. It’s best to request a quote from us, as we can provide a more accurate estimate based on your specific needs. We offer customized packages.

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